Avoiding In-House Financing Scams

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What Is In-House Financing?

in-house financing-get the factsIn-house financing, also known as owner financing or dealer financing, refers to a situation in which a seller extends some form of credit to a buyer, without the involvement of a third party. In this case, the seller is the lender, and has claim over the property sold till the debt is fully repaid. Dealer financing can allow consumers to acquire assets even if their credit rating is unacceptable to other lenders.

A common example of this financing is buying a car from a buy here pay here dealer. In recent years, most consumers with bad credit have opted for the idea in which they provide the car dealer with a down payment, then clear the outstanding balance through weekly or biweekly payments. The terms and conditions of this loan are governed by the same laws used in other auto loans, but usually carry higher interest rates than other financing options on the market. As much as this type of financing is a staple of most car dealerships today, there are limitless scams perpetuated by rogue dealers. Here are tips to avoid in-house financing scams:

Avoiding In-House Financing Scams

As much as the monthly payment may seem attractive, you need to pay much attention to the overall price and interest rate. Once the buy here pay here car lots  dealer has established your price range, they may extend the loan to fit your payment plan. For example, you may end up paying for a car for 7 years instead of 4 or 5 without even realizing it. Moreover, the extra interest will keep adding up over time, so be safe and be careful and read everything well before signing.

Reading the fine print would prove beneficial. For example, an ad may read: “Only USD $2,999 or USD $99/month!” The USD $99/month may sound good, but if the fine print states that the payments apply for five years, then you will end up paying $6K; which is double the actual price of the vehicle. So it is important to read the fine print in order to make an informed decision.

You need to know your credit rating otherwise you are creating room for car dealers to scam you. A common scam is running your credit and telling you that it’s bad. The dealer will then tell you that he’s not sure if they can finance you, but will inquire and inform you. A few hours later he delivers the good news that the management has agreed to finance you. So if you know your credit rating, no one will scam you based on the same.

Sometimes you may see the “pay no interest for six months!” ad and enroll immediately. That may indeed be true but once this period ends, your interest rates will suddenly shoot. This scam majorly focuses on people with good credit because bad credit consumers would have high interest rates anyway.

It is important to go through the contract word by word before signing anything as this is what determines everything. If you sign the in-house financing dealers contract without knowing its content, you will be dismayed to discover that you agreed to pay for warranties and other things that you were not even aware of. Just read all the details and it will be a great way to get back on track financially, get a great car and repair your credit by paying your payments on time.

Getting The Most From Hydrographics Printing

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Hydrographics Printing Details

For a truly exceptional and unique customized feel, you really have to use the best hydrographics printer. Maybe it’s your bike that you have come to find rather dull looking. Maybe you don’t like the way it looks so similar to thousands of others in the market. This feeling may lead you to want to customize that bike. The question then becomes, what is the best way forward?

Gamecocks SC Hydrographics golf cart

There are different ways you can decorate your item including fresh coat of paint, new decals, and so on. But for something really special that will offer you versatility and a different concept, you should consider hydrographics printing.

Other options like stickers will only give you a design that will not last for long. Things will start peeling off and in the end, you will end up with a worse off looking surface than you had first started with. Water transfer printing solves this problem in one easy swoop since it last for an incredibly longer duration than other printing options.

History of Hydrographics

Hydrographics or hydro dipping has been in use for some time. It initially was a preserve for the military but it has since gained commercial recognition due to the advantages it brings to the table. The military used this method of printing to camouflage various items including guns, cars, helmets, and so on.

Different manufactures have now ventured into this technology of water transfer printing, and this has meant growth of completion and lowering of cost. For you, this means better prices and more variety for you to select. You can use this method of printing to customize various items.

Surfaces like glass, metal, plastics, wood, and others can all be printed on using this versatile method. So long as the surface or item can be put in water then it can be printed on. And you will find a plethora of prints, designs, and colors available to you so that you can customize your item according to your preferences.

The Steps Involved

When it comes to Hydrographics printing, the first step is to make sure the item and surface is cleaned and smooth. This involves pre-treating of the surface using a base coat in order to make sure that print will be evenly printed on the surface. The surface must be smooth for the 2 dimensional print to stick to the 3 dimensional surface!

The color or image or design you have chosen is placed on a thin film, which is lowered into a bath containing water. The film floats on the surface, then comes the activator and bonding agent. These chemicals make the film dissolve leaving the print floating in the water.

The item or surface is dipped into the bath. This is done repeatedly to get a clean even print. The rinsing is done with hot water and application of a final coat that protects the print design is also done.

This process is fast and super effective. It is cost effective and produces very even prints even in the most hard to reach spots of the surface. The versatility of the design and surfaces you can customize using this method is another advantage (among many) that this method has. It is really not that perplexing to see how this method of printing has been gaining popularity in the market when you consider all these advantages.

Your interest in water transfer printing method can be satisfied when you visit trained professionals like “SouthCarolinaHydrographics.com”. You will be able to learn more about this process and even receive a free quotation. Of course, it is imperative that you only use the best hydrographics printer professionals in order to receive quality results.